’s Lego News Roundup, May 7

helmsdeep1’s Lego news roundup for the week of 4/1/13


  • Is Lego planning to release — gasp! — a 3-D printer?  (Hint: this news broke on April 1st.)  Of course, this would be totally awesome IRL.  [The Sociable]
  • Lego will pull set #9516, Jabba’s Palace, from store shelves following accusations of racism.  [The Huffington Post]
  • With manufacturing plants already in Denmark, eastern Europe and Mexico, the company will open another one in China, come 2014.  [The Massachusetts Republican]
  • A bunch of Lego toys, having spent some time on the International Space Station, returned to Earth last week.  No word on whether parents stepped all over them or not.  [NBC News]
  • We’re kind of surprised this hasn’t happened yet: plans are underway for the world’s first official Lego museum.  [Salon]
  • …and the world’s first Lego hotel opens this week.  [The Press-Enterprise]

Our CUUSOO Pick of the Week — LEGO Town Mini-Shops!

Our CUUSOO Pick of the Week -- LEGO Town Mini-Shops!

Designed by pekko (, the Mini Shop series is a wonderfully-executed sub-theme for LEGO City, based on real brands (Starbucks, Apple, 7-Eleven and McDonald’s are seen above) and built on 8×16 baseplates. The insides feature awesome details, like stocked shelves and branded coffee cups (the use of 1×1 cones here is particularly clever). The project already has more than 8,750 supporters — and with 1,250 more LEGO will begin to consider it. Click through on the picture for more details!