Hello again!

It has been a while since I’ve posted to this page. Over the past few years, I’ve transitioned jobs not once, not twice, not thrice — but four times, and I’m finally getting around to consolidating my online presence into something more manageable. I am here on WordPress, but also on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and the goal is to get everything slimmed and trimmed down as far as my cyberself goes.

I recently asked my Gen Z daughter what she thought I should go with: my old Brickplate persona, or try for something else LEGO-themed. She told me to stick with Brickplate, since it’s what most of my Internet friends know me by, and that’s branding 101. (She’s a smart one.). So, I’m doing that: sticking with Brickplate. Happily, I have this domain, and the Instagram handle, but someone else is sitting on the TikTok name (someone who isn’t even using it, UGH) so I’ll figure something out there. In the meantime: I’m going to stick with this URL, and see if WordPress continues to be where I manage it, or if I move things over to another platform like Squarespace.

So what will you see here? Well, I hope to make it the online repository for everything and anything having to do with my lifelong LEGO hobby, including a portfolio of my previous and future MOCs and commissioned works. I will also try and go back into making this a regular LEGO news site, along with other brick stuff like reviews and convention videos. All of that, and whatever else might catch my fancy.

I also hope to restart NYCLUG one day — as my schedule allows! The pandemic was probably the biggest obstacle of all in trying to get that fan group off the ground. I miss my old NYC LEGO mates!

In the meantime: thanks for reading, and I hope this will just be the first of many things you’ll peruse at Brickplate.com!

— Sid


Where in the World is… Kevin Hinkle?

I want to work with Kevin Hinkle one day.

Community Team Blog

CEEBLOG - TravelingKevin

This weekend I will be heading out to the birthplace of The LEGO Group: Billund, Denmark. The entire LEGO Community Engagement & Events (CEE) department will be together in one spot for our annual team meeting. We have several days planned to discuss a variety of current topics as well as overall strategy and team development. If you’d like a visual, just imagine the council of Elrond from the Lord of the Rings. We just need to decide who is going to take the ring to mordor.

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This is a vintage ad for LEGO, via Play Well TEKnologies, from when the Samsonite corporation was licensed to distribute the Danish toy in the U.S. Though its overarching message of “peace” is a good one, the copy does get a little off the rails. “Let somebody else’s child get his kicks tracking a little kid through a gun sight. Let somebody else’s child build a bomb shelter in the hollow of a tree.”

Or perhaps it’s just a sad commentary on how things used to be back then.