NYCLUG Lego News Roundup #004

NYCLUG Lego News Roundup #004

Who you gonna call?

Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Set

Lots of LEGO news these past two weeks, including the newest CUUSOO set, a brick-based productivity killer from Google, and even more awesome LEGO Star Wars builds on a mini mini scale. Continue reading

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Where in the World is… Kevin Hinkle?

I want to work with Kevin Hinkle one day.

Community Team Blog

CEEBLOG - TravelingKevin

This weekend I will be heading out to the birthplace of The LEGO Group: Billund, Denmark. The entire LEGO Community Engagement & Events (CEE) department will be together in one spot for our annual team meeting. We have several days planned to discuss a variety of current topics as well as overall strategy and team development. If you’d like a visual, just imagine the council of Elrond from the Lord of the Rings. We just need to decide who is going to take the ring to mordor.

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