’s LEGO News Roundup — Week of May 27

Hope you and yours had a great holiday weekend!  Here’s what made Lego news in the past few weeks:


LGOe visit in Billund

Wow — I’ve been lucky enough to visit Enfield once. Billund would be a dream!

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Look at those happy faces! 20 members of the Austrian LUG LGOe are visiting us in Billund.


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Lego Daft Punk is playing at my house.

(Jake Meier via Gizmodo)


The best memes are, of course, Lego memes.

With cats.


An excellent Viper fighter craft from the original Battlestar Galactica, rendered by Flickr user 2 x 4.  I love the way the midbody tapers to the nosecone.  A clean, streamlined, faithful design.  Starbuck and Apollo would be proud!  (2×4)


I’m a proud member of a Lego Users Group — or LUG for short — but the folks at Hong Kong LUG really take fandom to a new level, churning out great MOCs on a consistent basis and even sharing neat stuff like building instructions for Tony Stark’s laboratory!