An SLR camera made entirely of LEGO.

An SLR camera made entirely of LEGO.

This amazingly-detailed model, by Flickrer RGB900, has just about every element a Canon fan would appreciate, right down to the red lens ring. The strap is designed from Lego tank treads and probably can’t be slung over one’s shoulder. But with a MOC this realistic, you never know!

Alas, it doesn’t play “Duck Hunt”

AFOL and expert builder chiukeung is famously known for his recent Apple II build, but his rendition of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System console — right down to the controllers, “Zapper” shooter and, yes, playing cartridges should get kudos as well.’s Lego news roundup for the week of 4/1/13


  • Is Lego planning to release — gasp! — a 3-D printer?  (Hint: this news broke on April 1st.)  Of course, this would be totally awesome IRL.  [The Sociable]
  • Lego will pull set #9516, Jabba’s Palace, from store shelves following accusations of racism.  [The Huffington Post]
  • With manufacturing plants already in Denmark, eastern Europe and Mexico, the company will open another one in China, come 2014.  [The Massachusetts Republican]
  • A bunch of Lego toys, having spent some time on the International Space Station, returned to Earth last week.  No word on whether parents stepped all over them or not.  [NBC News]
  • We’re kind of surprised this hasn’t happened yet: plans are underway for the world’s first official Lego museum.  [Salon]
  • …and the world’s first Lego hotel opens this week.  [The Press-Enterprise]