Our CUUSOO Pick of the Week — LEGO Town Mini-Shops!

Our CUUSOO Pick of the Week -- LEGO Town Mini-Shops!

Designed by pekko (http://lego.cuusoo.com/profile/Pekko), the Mini Shop series is a wonderfully-executed sub-theme for LEGO City, based on real brands (Starbucks, Apple, 7-Eleven and McDonald’s are seen above) and built on 8×16 baseplates. The insides feature awesome details, like stocked shelves and branded coffee cups (the use of 1×1 cones here is particularly clever). The project already has more than 8,750 supporters — and with 1,250 more LEGO will begin to consider it. Click through on the picture for more details!

Select Toys “R” Us stores to host a special Lego Friends building event March 23rd

Fun, free — but make sure to check with your local TRU before heading over! That’s because not all stores will participate in this build event. Click on the photo to find more info at Lego’s official Facebook page.