3 thoughts on “My LEGO mosaic version of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is heading to Rockefeller Center today!

  1. Great art work. Is that created with Lego bricks? If so how in the world did you do that? How did you know what bricks to use? Do you draw it out on paper first n then create it?

    I am 30yrs old starting my Lego brick hobby, I want to get everything I need supplies wise, I see you have boxes, you have things to organize your pieces, etc. What do you suggest I start buying to start my hobby off? I plan on owning thousands of sets and pieces, whats the best thing to get to help organize them?

    Looking forward to your reply

    • Thank you, Bryan! For this particular work, I printed out a copy of Munch’s famous work and used it as a reference. It was not plotted out on a computer, and yes, it is all genuine Lego pieces!

    • Also: sorting can become a time-consuming and expensive hobby in and of itself. The most basic way to sort is by color, then by piece type — bricks, plates, minifigs etc. Home Depot and Lowes are good places to start, since they carry storage containers for nails, bolts and other small pieces.

      Good luck!

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